150A High Current Copper Terminal 2 Hole Flange Black and Red Straight Panel Mount

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  • Copper, Nickel Planted.
  • PA66 Flame Retardant Material Shell.
  • Strong Conductivity and Not Easy to Overheat.
  • Good elasticity, Large Contact Surface.
  • High-quality copper connectors for stable performance.
  • Crafted from robust, eco-friendly materials for longevity.
  • Endures 3000V strength, 150A current, operates at -40℃ to 125℃.
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The High Current Copper Terminal, a critical component in ammeters, voltmeters, and resistance meters, functions as the connecting point for wires within these devices. These terminal blocks are crafted from environmentally conscious materials, delivering not just functionality but also longevity. Their robust build ensures resilience, effectively minimizing the impact of mechanical strain and negating the degradation typically associated with prolonged use. The meticulous manufacturing process ensures a dependable performance while reinforcing the product’s reliability.

Further enhancing the terminal’s safety and efficacy, the shell of the product is constructed from PA66, a material lauded for its excellent flame retardant and insulating properties. This shell shields the highly conductive brass components, reducing the potential for overheating and increasing overall performance efficiency.

In a conscious effort to prioritize durability and stability, the terminal connectors are forged from copper – a material recognized for its superior quality and longevity. This choice of material plays a pivotal role in prolonging the product’s lifespan, ensuring its resilience in even the most demanding environments and promoting a sustained, reliable performance throughout its service life.

150A High Current Copper Terminal 2 Hole Flange Black and Red Straight Panel Mount Feature


Product Type
Docking Method: Thread
Mounting Type: Panel Mount
Color: Black, Red
Orientation: Straight
Terminal Size: N/A
Contact Finish: Nickel Plating
Terminal Material: Cooper
Thread Diameter(Top/Bottom): M8/M5
Shell Material: PA66
Shielding: 360°
Dielectric Strength: 3000V
Rated Current: 150A
Rated Voltage: 600V AC
Operating Temperature: -40℃~125℃
Insertion Times: > 500

High Current Copper Terminal Drawing



Black, Red


Black, Red

Weight 100 g
Dielectric Strength


Docking Method


Insertion Times

> 500

Mounting Type

Panel Mount



Current Rating


Terminal Size


Voltage Rating

600V AC

Working Temperature


Conductor Plating

Nickel Plated

Terminal Material


Thread diameter (TOP/BOTTOM)


Body Material



Black, Red