Elecpeek.com has designed a stable, and reliable HVIL Connector, for the new energy electric vehicle industry. Elecpeek has a professional design, manufacturing, and sales capability.

When the connector with a high voltage interlock is energized and unlocked, it can be disconnected by the logic sequence of the high voltage interlock. The disconnection time is related to the difference in the effective contact length between the high voltage interlock terminal and the power terminal. It is related to the speed when disconnected.

As the source factory of the Connector of Electric Vehicle Battery Storage, Elecpeek keeps research and design on the best quality and design of connectors under different Standards and Protocols. Energy storage services to increase the charging capacity of electric vehicles.

As more and more people choose electric vehicles. Communities around the world will need access to faster, safer, smaller, and more efficient charging infrastructure. We have designed a series of electric vehicle charging products. They can meet the challenges of AC and DC charging, and help advance the design of electric transportation infrastructure.