On-board Charger and Electric Motorbikes

The future of transportation is electric, as innovations in power systems and components drive rapid growth in ecologically friendly options for mobility. Tightening emissions regulations, rising eco-consciousness among consumers and decreasing battery costs have fueled investment, research and sales growth in electric motorcycles, three-wheelers and beyond. Electric motorbikes are a rapidly advancing technology that is becoming more accessible and competitive.

Improvements in battery technologies are enabling high-speed electric motorcycles capable of 60 mph and beyond. They are urban e-commuters that capture the essence of freedom and innovation, fusing exhilarating performance, exceptional range, and sustainable mobility into a single extraordinary and future-proof machine. The electric three-wheeler is the best option for last-mile delivery. Consumer behavior has changed over the years. People have started purchasing products online, creating the need for quicker, more reliable, and more efficient last-mile delivery. This has significantly increased the number of vehicles operating in last-mile activities.

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On-board Charger in Electric Motorbikes

The improved power quality and wide voltage conversion range of the onboard charger not only makes it dependable, effective, compact, and lightweight for electric motorcycle and three-wheeler applications, but also allows for greater flexibility in charging locations. With a wider voltage range, riders can charge their vehicles in a variety of settings, from home outlets to public charging stations.

Onboard chargers not only allow for faster charging times, but also provide greater convenience for riders. With the ability to charge at higher power levels, electric vehicle owners can spend less time waiting for their vehicle to charge and more time on the road. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design of onboard chargers allows for easy portability, making it simple for riders to charge their vehicles on the go.

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