2 Pin HVIL Plug High Voltage Interlock Connector 23A 2.8mm Straight Plastic IP67 Cable 4mm2

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  • Excellent Electrical Insulation.
  • Various Wire Diameter Application.
  • Multi Misplug-proof and Key Position Design.
  • Secondary Buckle.
  • Sealing, IP67,Touch-Proof.
  • Multiple Coding Positions.

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High-voltage interlock (hvil for short), a safe design method that uses low-voltage signals to manage high-voltage circuits. In the high-voltage system design, in order to avoid the arcing caused by the high-voltage connector being opened and closed during the actual operation, the high-voltage connector should generally have the “high-voltage interlock” function.

High-voltage interlocks are often used in high-voltage electrical circuits, such as high-voltage connectors, msds, and high-voltage power distribution boxes.

The connector with high-voltage interlock can be disconnected by the logic sequence of the high-voltage interlock when it is unlocked when the power is on. the disconnection time is related to the difference in the effective contact length between the high-voltage interlock terminal and the power terminal. it is related to the speed when disconnected.

Under normal circumstances, the response time of the system to the interlock terminal circuit is between 10 and 100ms. when the disconnection (unplugging) time of the connected system is less than the system response time, there will be a safety risk of live plugging and unplugging, and the second unlocking is in order to solve this disconnection time problem, under normal circumstances, the secondary unlocking can effectively control the disconnection time above 1s to ensure safe operation.


High Voltage Interlock Cable (HVIL Cable)

Current: 23A, 35A, 50A, 100A, 150A, 180A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 500A
Gender: Plug, Socket
Number of Positions: 1 Pin, 2 Pin, 3 Pin
Orientation: Straight , Right Angle
Body Material: Metal , Plastic
Current  Guage: Cable for Choose
From16A to 23A MAX 2.5-4 mm²
From16A to 35A MAX 2.5-6 mm²
From16A to 50A MAX 2.5-10 mm²
125A MAX 25 mm²
150A MAX 16-35 mm²
200A MAX 25-50 mm²
250A MAX 50-70 mm²
400A MAX 95-120 mm²
500A MAX 120-150 mm²



Weight 142 g
Connector Type


Number of Positions

2 Pin

Body Material


Current Rating






Wire Gauge