IEC 62196-2 Type 2 EV Charger AC Plug Charging Pile End

  • Copper Alloy Silver Plated.
  • High Durability, Corrosion Resistance, Oxidation Resistance.
  • Strong Waterproof Performance.
  • Can Afford 1m Drop and 2t Vehicle Run over Pressure.
  • Nice Appearance, Hand-held Ergonomic Design, Easy Plug.

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Renhotec is a manufacturer specializing in ev charging products. Additionally to the production, our company has design and r&d departments. Our main products are ev charging stations, ev cables and ev connectors. Along with the regular products we also offer product customization service upon the request in order to meet the local market preferences and needs.

IEC Standards AC Charging Connector

Case Material: Thermoplastic , Flame Retardant Grade Ul94 V-0
Pin: Copper Alloy , Silver + Thermoplastic on the Top
Electrical Performance
Rated Current: (AC)16A/32A
Operation Voltage: 250V/480V
Insulation Resistance: >1000MΩ(DC500V)
Terminal Temperature: <50K
Withstand Voltage: 2000V
Contact Resistance: 0.5MΩ MAX
Mechanical Performance
Mechanical Life: No-load Plug in / Pull Out>10000 Times
Coupled Insertion Force: >45N<80N
Environmental Performance
Temperature Range: – 30℃~ +50℃
Protection Degree: IP65
Professional Charging Station Berth
Parking Lots Parking Spaces Residential Parking Lot


Weight 80 g
Connector Type


Charging Standards

IEC 62196-2

Rated Type


Voltage Rating



Charging Pile