IP67 Rear Mount MSD Connector with 2 Pin

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  • Easy Plug
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation
  • Secondary Buckle
  • Strong Waterproof Performance
  • Way To Install: Front Install / Back Install

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1. Two-stage lever with HVIL time delay

Ensures safe and reliable power disconnection, minimizing the risk of electrical shock during maintenance or repair work.

2. Integrated internal HVIL

Provides additional protection and peace of mind, preventing accidental contacts and reducing the potential for electrical hazards.

3. Unique cooling structure

Our MSD Connector features an innovative cooling design that effectively dissipates heat, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of electrical components.

4. Dual-channel design with lower temperature rise

Optimized electrical pathways and enhanced heat dissipation result in significantly lower temperature rise, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring reliable operation.

5. Easy and tool-free unmatting

No need for specialized tools or equipment to disconnect the MSD Connector, saving time and effort during service or maintenance tasks.

630A 2 Pin MSD Connector Manual Service Disconnect Socket Front Mount

Product Type
Connector Type: Plug
Number Of Positions : 2 Pin
Key: N
Contact Termination: Crimp
Mounting Type: Panel Mount
Shell Material: Nylon
Contact Material: Copper Alloy
Contact Finish: Silver Plating
Shielding: Shield
Application: Automotive Electronics
Mounting Feature: Silver Plating
Features: With Fuse
Rated Current: 630A
Rated Voltage: 800V
Electrical Protection: IP2XB
Operating Temperature : -40℃~125℃
Standards and Specifications
Ingress Protection: IP67
Flammability: UL94 V-0

MSD Connector Drawing

MSD Drawing

Weight 62 g
Connector Type


Number of Positions

2 Pin

Current Rating


Q: How does the unique cooling structure of the MSD Connector benefit me?

A: The MSD Connector is designed with a unique cooling structure that ensures lower temperature rise during operation. This prevents overheating and increases the overall efficiency and performance of the device.

Q: Can you explain the dual-channel design of the MSD Connector?

A: The MSD Connector incorporates a dual-channel design, which enhances its reliability and safety. This design allows for better signal transmission and reduces the risk of electrical interference.

Q: Is it easy to disconnect the MSD Connector?

A: Yes, disconnecting the MSD Connector is extremely easy as it does not require any tools. This makes it convenient and hassle-free to unmate the connector whenever needed.

Q: Can the receptacle of the MSD Connector be placed in different positions?

A: Absolutely! The receptacle of the MSD Connector can be mounted either in the front or rear position, providing you with versatility and enabling easy integration into your setup.